May Day holiday

AZ China is closed today for the May Day holiday.

The May Day holiday used to have more significance, at least in China.  Ten years ago the holiday was spread across 3 days, but that got cut back a few years ago.  It makes a real difference – 3 days means people can travel, and I remember making a trip to Boracay for the May Day holiday.  But one day means that people don’t travel.  But they do shop, and China’s many shopping malls will have a busy day today.

AZ China’s weekly reports will be published tomorrow.

Meantime, if you are a subscriber to any of AZ China’s Monthly Reports – the Black China Report, the World Aluminum Monthly or the Pipeline Report – then why not use today to download WeChat onto your mobile phone and get set up to join AZ China’s exclusive WeChat groups.   Our two new WeChat groups will be open for business from tomorrow.  WeChat allows us to deliver the absolute latest news right to your mobile phone.

Not a subscriber yet?  Feel free to try our “try before you buy” group where you will be able to see a sample of what’s going on in the paid-for group.   You can still join the paid-for groups by paying US$400 per year for access, and the try-before-you-buy group will give you an idea of the value of the paid-for groups.

To make it easier for you, here is a contact sheet so you can ask us to add you to the groups.  Just remember we are closed today, so we won’t answer until tomorrow.

Thanks to Wikipedia for the use of the image.