FaceBook Live – China Insights

I will be doing our next Facebook Live broadcast in about 4 hours time.

In the broadcast, I will be discussing the latest news and trends in China’s aluminum and carbon markets.  There’s a lot going on, on many fronts, so a tool like FaceBook Live is a great way to discuss the issues realtime.

You are welcome to put questions to me, and I will attempt to answer them the best I can.

During my report, I will be covering topics such as:
  • All the latest on the situation with China Hongqiao
  • What’s happening with the environmental inspections?
  • Will China really go ahead and close 30% of its aluminum capacity next winter?
  • The Black Swan – carbon prices set to move up more.  You will be paying more – if you can get it.
  • Other topics – provided by you!

Join me 9pm this evening Shanghai time on FaceBook Live.