BLACK CHINA BLOG - February, 2017

Since the start of 2017, China’s aluminum price has shown the down trend of “V-type”. Factories started holidays well before Spring Festival, but the delivery of spot aluminum ingots has been tight, thanks to coal taking priority on rail. Stocks did not have a large rise despite downstream demand softness, while a large amount of floating […]

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  China’s 2016 aluminum exports showed a very different trend compared to 2015. The primary exports had a big drop. In the middle of the year, we saw the year high record of semi exports with 370Kt. Although primary exports dropped, it was because so much metal was being sold in liquid form.  It did […]

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China’s domestic coal price rebounded strongly last year as production limitations caused some shortages.  China’s aluminum industry as a major power consumer has to consider the impact of rising coal prices on the cost pf making aluminum.  As we wrote in the briefing note about Q4 cash cost curve, along with aluminium prices falling and cost […]

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It is our pleasure to invite you to our first Facebook Live where we’ll be covering the following topic: China’s new environmental regulations and cuts to aluminum capacity. How real is the threat? What will be the consequences? When will this regulation be imposed? Our Managing Director Paul Adkins will take to the airwaves and […]

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