Second Facebook Live Broadcast

Hey folks!

It’s our pleasure to announce we’ll be holding our second Facebook Live Broadcast on Thursday February 16th at 8:00am NY time. The topic for this discussion will be:  “What’s going on in Carbon prices and what does it mean for the international aluminium industry?”

As we’ve seen this past couple of weeks, there have been many changes in the industry and if you add that to the current political and economical scenarios we have a recipe for uncertainty.

The dynamic remains the same:

  • We’ll hold the Facebook Live and leave the video up for 2 weeks, after which it’ll be deleted.
  • After the broadcast we’ll send out a transcript of the broadcast to our clients.
  • If you want to make a comment or ask a question you can, just be aware that everyone will be able to see whatever you comment.
  • If you wish to make a comment or a question but wish to remain anonymous you can send it to and we’ll post it for you.

See you this Thursday!

*We do not own any rights over the featured image