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On July 6th-7th, the Yangtze River Delta/Bohai Aluminum Industry Chain Development Forum was successfully held in Binzhou in Shandong province. Nearly 400 representatives from more than 10 provinces attended the forum, holding joint discussion of aluminum industrial development plans.

This forum received vigorous guidance from CNIA, China Nonferrous Metal Processing Industry Association and People’s Government of Binzhou City. It was also assisted and supported by China Hongqiao group, Shandong Innovation Group, Gelangjisi (Shanghai) company, Jiangyin Xin Ren Technology Co. Ltd., and Yong Jie new materials stock co, Ltd. AZ China was invited to attend the forum as a contributing media.

Zhang Bo, President of  Hongqiao Aluminum, Vice president of China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association and president of Binzhou Aluminum Industry Association was a speaker and contributor to the conference. Du Ping, vice mayor of Binzhou city, Xu Guotao, deputy director of China Nonferrous Metal Processing Industry Association and president of Shanghai Aluminum Industry Association, and Zhang Jilin, vice chairman and secretary-general of China Nonferrous Metal Processing Industry Association, also contributed speeches in the forum.

Numerous other important people, including Cui Lixin, vice chairman of China Nonferrous Metals Processing Association and executive vice president of Binzhou Aluminum Industry Association, attended the forum. Zhao Qianfang, Yuan Yongda and He Faping presided over the forum.

Zhang Bo gave a speech saying: “As an important centre of the Yellow River Delta and the Bohai rim region, Binzhou has become an important production base of aluminum in China and even in the world. After more than 10 years of development, its aluminum industry cluster has formed industrial layout of  coal-power-aluminum integration, upstream and downstream integration and global integration. On May 24th … the people’s Government of Shandong Province issued a notice fully supporting Binzhou and other places to build high-end aluminum industry clusters.

Zhang Bo pointed out that Binzhou Aluminum Industry Association and the Shanghai aluminum industry association have a strategic cooperative relationship, and with close exchanges and co-operation between the two associations and their members. In the future, the two parties will further play the role of bridge and link, providing full support and help for entrepreneurs to integrate into the development of the aluminum industry in both places.


Du Ping is making a speech

Du Ping ,Vice Mayor of the people’s Government of Binzhou City ,said in her speech, Binzhou aluminum industry started in 2001, after more than 10 years of time, quickly developed from ” sparks of fire” into “a prairie fire”, and formed an aluminum industry cluster that is leaded by the Weiqiao group, and supported by Innovation group, Mengwei group, Bohai pistons, Huajian aluminum and other key enterprises. Binzhou has thus become an important aluminum production base of the country and the world.

Du Ping pointed out that, at present, the capacity of city’s aluminum processing has reached 8000kt. The main business income of the city’s aluminum industry in 2016 is 270 billion yuan. In recent years, Binzhou aluminum industry gradually has formed 3 large bases: Zouping, Binzhou economic and Technological Development Zone and Beihai Economic Development Zone, and has became an aluminum industry circular economy industrial clusters with high degree of aggregation and full chain, the aluminum industry currently has a total of 1 National Enterprise Technology Centre, 6 Provincial Enterprise Technology Centres and 6 Municipal Enterprise Technology Centres.


Zhang Jilin is making a speech

Zhang Jilin, vice chairman and secretary general of China Nonferrous Metal Processing Industry Association pointed out in his speech, the Yangtze River Delta is one of the core area of China’s aluminum consumption , and is also an important place of China’s aluminum processing technology and equipment level, product quality and new application development of high aluminum. Binzhou has developed into the largest aluminum industry cluster both in our country and in the world, and the development advantages are outstanding.

Zhang Jilin pointed out that, in 2016 consumption of China’s aluminum is about 32 million tons, the consumption of per capita is 23 kilograms.  Per capita aluminum consumption has not yet reached that of the United States, Japan and European countries, so there is still much growth room for China’s aluminum consumption. In 2016, China’s aluminum production increased by 9.7%, main business income was 1.1 trillion yuan, profit was 59.6 billion yuan, Chinese aluminum processing industry is very healthy and upward, aluminum processing is still with a bright future.


Visiting Huajian Aluminum

During the forum, the leaders and guests visited workshop of Huajian Aluminum. Huajian Aluminum is jointly funded by Weiqiao Pioneering Group, Shandong Innovation Group and Huajian Aluminum.

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