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At AZ China we pride ourselves on the great relationship we have with the media, it is an honor for us to say that we’re one of the most trusted sources of information in the industry. As you may already know, we’ve been active participants on the Reuters forum for quite some time now and this Thursday won’t be the exception.

We will be following the next questions:

1. China’s aluminum production, ie what are the figures, where the misreporting is centered on? Is it just one company or is it widespread, and why now? Is the stats office compiling data in a different way ?

2. What are the implications?

3. For aluminium scrap imports.  Whats the story here, why is it coming to China ? Why are we seeing this suction of scrap and even primary ali in to China from overseas markets if the domestic market is so well supplied. Stockpiling ahead of winter?

4.  Alumina, it looks like Indonesia is going to take the place of Australia for sending alumina exports to China. It’s really a rapid increase in exports there, could you tell us a bit more about it?

5.  Bauxite imports – the ban on Malaysian exports was supposed to last until the end of June but looks like some companies are getting in early.. Why is there such a huge jump in imports?

For those of you who don’t know what the Thomson Reuters Global Base Metals Forum is, then let us tell you it’s rich source of news, market insight, analysis and discussion. Hosted by Reuters journalists, specialising in the base metals markets – you can chat, post questions, debate and exchange ideas directly with them, as well as industry contacts from leading global companies.

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