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Well-known and well-respected aluminum professional Matt Powell has accepted a position at Liberty House Group.

Matt was previously at Century Aluminum, then at Ormet.   When Ormet closed about 3 years ago, Matt started his own trading and consulting company International Aluminum Solutions.  But soon after that, Matt also joined forces with Michael Wrotniak at Aminco.    Matt’s time at Aminco was so successful it moved Michael Wrotniak to write a heart-felt press release thanking Matt for his “immense” efforts with their customers.

Matt will become the Director of Global Aluminium Development for Liberty House.   Liberty are best known in the aluminum world for their recent purchase of the old Lochaber smelter, formerly owned by Alcan then Rio Tinto. Liberty are deep into steel, but their purchase of the Lochaber plant combined with hiring a man of Matt’s abilities signals to me that they aren’t yet finished with their growth plans for the silvery metal.

Matt joins Liberty effective July 1.   I don’t have his new Liberty email address yet, but if anyone wishes to contact Matt let me know.

We at AZ China wish Matt all the best in his new gig.


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