5 things you didn’t know about AZ China

Today we bring you some random facts about AZ China…

  1. The company registered in November 2006 and didn’t start operations until 2007.
  2. Our very first client was Alcan Cable.
  3. Our staff is located in different parts of China: Beijing, Shandong province and Xi nian.
  4. We publish weekly, monthly and quarterly reports for the aluminium industry and the raw materials industry.
  5. We provide consulting services in addition to the reports, which include, deep competitor analysis, visits to smelters, working with clients to develop their calcined coke buying strategy, pre-feasibility studies. We provide a lot of consulting to banks for instance, we write articles for newspapers and magazines, to just name a few.

Which of these random facts did you already know?

If you’re interested in any of our services contact steph@az-china.com for further assistance.

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