Chalco – 11 people killed

A picture from a Chinese news agency shows the settling tank at the Chalco plant. 11 people were killed

China’s news media is carrying a story today that 11 construction workers were killed at a Chalco alumina plant in Henan province yesterday.

According to the Chinese news stories, the accident occurred while workers were dismantling a settling tank.   During the process the tank was dislodged and fell on top of the workers.   In addition to the 11 casualties, another 11 people were injured, some seriously.   One worker escaped without injury.

The Chalco plant is in Shangjie, which is within Zhengzhou city limits.  The tank in question is said to weigh 16 tons.

The local authorities are now conducting an investigation into the cause of the accident.

The feature image comes from one of the Chinese news agencies that reported the accident.   I have not seen a statement from Chalco yet, but no doubt a statement will come out today.


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