Calcined coke – EIGHT of the best!

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For those of you interested in the world of calcined coke we have some BIG news.

The AZ China Conference in September will feature at least EIGHT calcining companies, with six of them on the stage at the same time.

Our Calcined Coke panel discussion will feature the Presidents, Vice Presidents or Directors of (in alphabetical order):

  • BP Coke, USA
  • Goa Carbon, India
  • Rain Carbon, USA
  • Sinoway Carbon, China
  • Surun/ZCGG, China
  • Weifang Lianxing, China

We are also pleased to have representatives from Oxbow, USA and from Petrocoque, Brazil in the audience, but have opted not to speak.

This is a history-making line up.   Together these companies represent a huge proportion of the world’s calcined coke supply.

If you are a buyer of calcined coke, or in any way involved in the calcined coke world, you need to be at the AZ China conference.

AZ China’s 5th biennial conference will be held in Shanghai, September 7-9.   The calcined coke panel session will take place on the morning of September 9, and AZ China has offered the option of a one-day registration if that’s all you want to hear.  (We will be announcing the conference hotel next week, but as a pre-announcement hint, it will be one of the Intercontinental hotels.)

Where are CPC prices heading?   Is there enough calcineable green coke to go around?   What is happening with customer’s specifications relative to the quality options available in green coke?  Does the world have too much calcining capacity?   There are just a few of the questions we will be asking.

As you all know the clock is ticking and the countdown for the #azchinaconf is quickly passing.   AZ China has extended the early bird pricing to July 15, so there’s still time to register and save money.

You don’t want to find yourself spinning around on a rotary hearth, twisting along a horizontal kiln or vertically shafted.   Be there and get all your questions answered.

(Not sure what the feature image is? It’s the outlets on the vertical shaft calciner at Weifang Lianxing.)

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