Zoo news – it’s Rain-ing changes for Ron and Mike

Mike Tillman and Ron Garbarino are switching roles at Rain

Rain Carbon (formerly Rain CII) has announced two important changes to their senior management team.  Ron Garbarino, presently Chief Commercial Officer, will move into Operations, while Mike Tillman will transfer from Operations across to Commercial.

I have known Ron since about 2002, when I was a customer of his.   It was always a pleasure to deal with Ron.  He would keep his cards close to his chest, but at least you knew you stood with Ron.

Ron Garbarino
Ron Garbarino

It was always a difficult task to schedule meetings between me in Australia and Ron in New Orleans.  So one year we came up with a mutually agreeable solution – we met at a halfway point.   It was a tough gig negotiating a calcined coke contract sitting at a beach side cafe in Honolulu, but someone had to do it.

Ron is never one to make a big show of himself, so it may come as something of a surprise to learn that Ron was and maybe still is involved with the New Orleans Mardi Gras parades.   As far as I know, he wasn’t on top of the floats shaking his booty.   Ron was involved because helping to build the floats gave him the chance to back to the community and contribute to raising money for charity.

Mike Tillman
Mike Tillman

When I first got to know Mike, he was plant manager at the calciner in Chalmette.   Even way back then (2002) it was clear how much pride Mike took in the operation.   His personal standards were reflected in the standards he held his crews to.

I remember a few years ago, Mike was at the AZ China conference, along with several colleagues.   His boss Gerry Sweeney was due to give a speech, but at the last minute had to pull out, so he delegated the job to Mike Tillman.   Mike was visibly nervous before getting on stage, but once he was in front of his audience he did a great job.

I am sure Mike will be looking forward to 40+ meetings at TMS next year!   For all commercial enquiries and transactions, Mike is the man in the frame from now on.   His email address is unchanged.

On behalf of all readers, I wish Ron and Mike all the best for their new gigs.


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