AZ China Conference – 33 days to go

The AZ China conference Early Bird Pricing is extended to July 15.

AZ China’s 5th biennial conference will be held in Shanghai September 7-9.  But there are just 33 days to go if you want to make the most of the Early Bird special price.

The Early Bird registration fee is just US$1000, but it jumps up from June 1.   Compare that price with other conferences – we want to show that we understand the pain that many companies in the industry are going through, so we have slashed our prices.   And if you are a subscriber to one of AZ China’s monthly reports, you get an extra 10% discount off the Early Bird price.

Why come to the conference?  AZ China has a great reputation for our excellent conferences, and this year will be no exception.   We have some of the best speakers in the industry lined up for you.

  • Professor Christopher Balding – Professor of Economics at Beijing University
  • Anne Stevenson-Yang – well-known commentator on China’s economy
  • Wang Tao – a vocal critic of the use of petroleum coke
  • Andreas Hommert – One of the best China analysts going
  • Gerry Sweeney – CEO of Rain Carbon*
  • Professor Barry Welch – global authority on aluminium technology and carbon
  • Stuart Ehrenreich – CEO of Cascade Resources and outspoken authority on global petroleum coke
  • Greg Wittbecker – Vice President of Market Analysis, Alcoa
  • and many more that we will announce in the coming weeks.

In case you are wondering, we have not announced the conference hotel yet, because we are still in negotiations with 2 of them.  I won’t name them, but rest assured the conference will be held either in the Pudong area or right on the river.

The theme for this year’s conference is “Brave New World”, and we have chosen the phoenix as the emblem.  We are asking all speakers to focus on what we all need to do to survive and thrive as the aluminium and raw materials industries go through some of their toughest times yet.   We want to give you the best thinking and the newest ideas, to help you be one of those who emerge from the tough times even stronger than before.

And as usual our conference will not be just a series of Powerpoint slides and one-way conversations.   Every session will include a Q&A Panel session, so we can ask all the tough questions.

We are also proud to announce that Sunstone Development Company will be the lead sponsor for the event.   We are also pleased to announce that Sinoway Carbon will be a Silver sponsor for the conference.   We will be announcing more sponsors in the weeks ahead.

That just leaves one question – how to register to the conference and make the most of the Early Bird price?   It’s easy – go to and click on “Register Now”.

See you in Shanghai!


  • Gerry hopes to be available, but will send a senior manager in his place if he can’t attend.


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