Zoo news – Gunnar to retire

If you have ever been to the Boliden ALF3 plant in Odda, Norway, you will understand why that company has such a low staff turnover.   It is one of the most beautiful spots you could imagine, with the fjord reflecting the snow capped mountains almost all around it. So leaving this setting must have been a difficult decision for Gunnar Moland.

Gunnar, who heads up the Boliden ALF3 business, has decided to take retirement at the end of June. Gunnar has been in the job 9 years, having replaced Curt Jarnfeldt, who in turn had replaced industry icon Karl-Olav Tjalvin. Old hands in the ALF3 industry will remember Karl-Olav, who almost single-handedly built the plant’s expansion, back in the days when it was known as Noralf.

Where Karl-Olav’s fights were with his Board of Directors, trying to get the expansion approved, Gunnar has had to deal with the rise (and eventual fall) of Chinese material flooding the market, and dragging prices down. It’s a credit to Gunnar that the company has maintained its position in the market.

The Boliden plant, nestled in the hills on a point jutting into the fjord, and only a 2-3 hour drive from Bergen, has seen only 4 managers in at least 20 years. Not a bad record.

Gunnar will be replaced by Are Skreien, who comes from Boliden’s zinc side where he was Group Sales Manager. Are has experience in other sales and finance roles in the Boliden group.

We wish Gunnar every success in his retirement, as we do for Are in his new role.

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