AZ China Aluminium Raw Materials Conference – Shangri La

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A couple of further updates on the conference hotel….

Over in the Office wing of the hotel there is a Pacific Coffee Company outlet.   This is a Singaporean (I think) chain, and if the coffee in Beijing is representative, then it’s a good place to go and find.

Today we had breakfast and lunch in Cafe Yum and dinner in Shang Palace.   Both are on the lobby level of the hotel.

Cafe Yum is full of little nooks and crannies, and carries as wide a selection of breakfast items as you will ever want to see.   The lunch offering wasn’t as broad, but still quite good food.

Shang Palace offers Chinese food at typical 5-star hotel prices – dinner for 4 of us this evening cost RMB1100 (about US$175.)  It carries an extensive wine list, and the food was well presented and quite delicious.

Beef with garlic








Trio of sashimi







I mentioned in a previous post that you would quite comfortably take clients and customers to any of the restaurants in the Shangri La, and today’s experiences confirm that.   But if you want to go for a very short walk, there is a seafood restaurant right across from the office wing (opposite Pacific coffee.)


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