Explosion at Fushun

Reports are emerging that a major explosion has occurred at Petrochina’s Fushun oil refinery.   Fushun is in far northern China.

The reports are indicating that the explosion occurred in the residue FCC at number 2 refinery, at about 9.30am this morning local time.

The number 2 refinery can process up to 8 million tonnes of crude oil per year.   Its coker processes up to 2.4 million tonnes.

I will add more information as it becomes available.

Update: reports say that 30 people were injured in the explosion.   Apparently the main part of the refinery is still operating.   Plant management does not want to stop the process, because it would be impossible to restart until ambient temperatures rise sufficiently.   (It is currently -7c here in Beijing, so how much colder must it be way up north?!)

There are separate reports of an explosion at Jilin refinery, which is also in North China, not so far from Fushun.   However, it is not clear whether these reports are confusing refineries, or whether there was a separate unrelated incident.    More to come.

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