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We know we have been completely MIA, but with the incredible success we’ve had with the Almost Daily Newsletter, we’ve been keeping ourselves very busy. Although, if you mention in the comments that you want us to keep posting here, we will consider starting again! On to even more exciting news… It is my pleasure […]

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This morning, exclusive news from Caixin hit the China market, saying Weiqiao group got exemption in the winter heating season cut. It is said Weiqiao’s winter heating season cut capacity overlapped with the previous illegal capacity cuts, so Weiqiao no longer needs to cut capacity this winter. The news reported that an officer in Binzhou Commission of Economy and Information […]

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We’ve been so busy with the AZAD that we’ve forgotten a little about the blog, but worry not we are back! On Monday… An article appeared to be reporting that the Ministry of Environmental Protection was unhappy with the cuts announced by Binzhou government 10 days ago, and would order Hongqiao to take further cuts. […]

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A news item that popped up on the weekend said that Hongqiao would no longer be permitted to count their closed illegal pots as part of their winter heating season cuts. In other words, the story alleges that Hongqiao would still have to close another 30% of their capacity, having already closed almost that much for […]

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On Monday, We received reports in our WeChat group that alumina prices jumped. Guizhou prices were at RMB2900/t and we saw one report of RMB3000/t being achieved.  As AZ China’s Monte Zhang put it, this is “crazy.” Our monthly aluminum report went out that morning.  If you are a subscriber but didn’t receive it, please […]

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If you’re not already subscribed to our Almost Daily newsletter, then you probably missed it, so here’s the recap of the breaking news we got on August 18th. “Shandong’s Zibo city government has issued a document that releases the screws, just a little, on the environmental inspections and the winter heating season cuts. Essentially, the […]

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