AZ China’s 6th Biennial Conference Early Bird Price continues

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We know we have been completely MIA, but with the incredible success we’ve had with the Almost Daily Newsletter, we’ve been keeping ourselves very busy. Although, if you mention in the comments that you want us to keep posting here, we will consider starting again!

On to even more exciting news… It is my pleasure to let you know that our early bird price has been extended until July 31st. Here’s the recap on our event.

The conference will be held at the Sheraton Waigaoqiao Hotel, Shanghai, September 19-21. We are very delighted to invite you to join us.

This year our theme and objective is to bring clarity and insight to the issues confronting the aluminum industry. Supply side reform, pressure from environmental inspections, rising input costs (energy and alumina especially) and tariffs and other trade disputes are all clouding the view.  The recent announcement from Alcoa about their Elysis technology only adds to the confusion.

In this 3 day event you’ll have the opportunity to network with many of the biggest companies in the industry as well as getting many questions answered about the current situation industry in addition to forecasts on what’s to come. If you are interested in attending, please fill out this registration form and contact if you have any other doubts or questions with anything conference or hotel booking related.

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